In this business, multiple things each day can cause you to get off track, out of focus and can sometimes take you down the dangerous path of wallowing in defeat and discouragement.  What do you do when you end up on the ‘dark side?’

Today, in Part 2, we finish the 7 secrets (plus a bonus!) to overcoming the defeat you’re feeing in your business and tell you how to rise up and get back in the game! We focus on practical ways to get out of the funk, how complaining has to become non-existent, the accumulation effect and how support factors into it.  Here’s a sneak peek at our remaining points…

4. Don’t ruin today over your temporary discouragement and defeat. 

5. Turn a complaint into a solution.

6. Whatever you resist persists.  If you’re feeling constant despair, discouragement and defeat, it must be time to make a change!

7. Embrace the Accumulation Effect. It takes lots of little steps to reach results, so choose something, choose anything – but get it done!

Bonus Point!  Remember, you’re not alone!  Reach out to someone who supports you, understands you, and encourages you.  Need some ideas?  Think about who is your biggest fan?  Is it your 5 year old, your Mom, your best friend?  Maybe its a Pastor, Rabbi or mentor?  The key is to ASK! They don’t know you need help unless you speak up.

It’s normal to feel discourage and defeated from time to time.  Feel the feelings, but practice and learn how to move on from them.  Don’t make them you ‘story.’  Learning to manage your emotions while being introspective shows mental, spiritual and personal maturity.  And all of this translates to business maturity.  So act like the person you want to become!

Listen to todays podcast as we guide you through the drilled down How To’s of overcoming defeat so you can move on to real estate greatness!

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