If this were an episode of Real Estate Survivor, would you be getting voted off tonight?

In the television series “Survivor” castaways sometimes got voted off because they were a threat to the grand prize, but at the outset, most of those first to go guys and gals were sent packing because they lacked valuable skills, couldn’t play ‘nice’ with others or most importantly, couldn’t bring home the bacon.  The ones who could make hunt and bring back food were the ones to stay!

The business of Real Estate is much the same way.  Bring home the ‘bacon’ or the market and your own wallet will ‘vote’ you out.

Thankfully there’s a whole tribe here at Tim & Julie Harris Real Estate Coaching that isn’t ready to vote you out yet!  Not only that, but you get more than just one or two tools to help you on your way.  One of the most valuable tools we offer agents at any stage of their career is known as The Real Estate Survival Plan.

Struggling financially? Having cash-flow issues? The Real Estate Survival Plan is a temporary (30 to 90 day) plan to help you make ends meet while you develop longer term strategies for success.

Many think this plan is just for new agents, but it’s not.  Other times you might need this plan:  The transition from one brokerage to the next. During a comeback after a health or family issue. When your local market has drastically changed. When you have an unexpected additional expense.  When you’re become ‘list-less.’  When you have debt to pay off and nothing pending.

If any of these sound like you, its time to raise your smoke signal and ride our plan back to the mainland!  The plan contains 10 rules to follow that will ensure success and 13 actionable items that will have you celebrating your escape from the island with a bunch of new deals and dollars!

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