Greetings Julie!

I have been listening to the radio show for over a year. I hesitated to sign up for coaching, thinking there was so much great content on the show, how much more could there possibly be? I am floored by the amount of detail provided in the essentials program. Two years ago I was with another well-known coaching company and was heartbroken by the money I’d spent for what I felt was nothing other than being told to buy leads.

Though I’ve only been in coaching for less than a month, I forced myself to sit down and create my pre-listing package in one day. Thank goodness I did because a couple of days later I set a listing appointment and when I asked the sellers if they had any questions they answered “No, any questions we had were addressed in your folder, we are ready to sign”.

This house is in the most desirable neighborhood in my area, and I will be listing it at $759,000. This may not seem like a big deal to some, but my average price point is around $200,000. I left that appointment with tears of gratitude in my eyes.

I know there are other listeners like me. I want them to know the Essentials program has more than I ever could’ve imagined and I will be paying off my entire program with this one deal that I got as a direct result of coaching.

On another note, there is NO comparison to your program and the other coaching program I was with before, as I’m sure you’ve heard many times. His program was flashy and fun but had zero real content. My coach with them said to me, and I quote, “Well, you could knock on doors. I’ve never done it, but I hear it works.” And I paid $500 for that call!

In addition to my fancy new listing I’ve also taken a second listing, as well as two pre qualified buyers. I started coaching with zero prospects.

From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!!! Your commitment to your students is so evident by what you and Tim are providing us in the program.

-With a grateful heart, Toby

(Toby, emails like yours are the reason we do what we do! We’re grateful for your praise of the program, but remind you that YOU’RE the one who took action!  Without action, you would have never seen any results. Keep up the amazing work and know that we’re here for you at any time.  – Tim & Julie)

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