The real estate business has long been marketed as an “all or nothing” venture.  Either you’re in or you’re out.  This has lead to many would-be successful agents never even getting into the business because they’ve been persuaded that they can’t just dip their toe in the water and start with nights and weekends.  Brokers around the country have put up barriers by telling agents that in order to make it, they need to leave the security of their current salaries and benefits behind and put a full 40 hours a week into real estate.

Not only is this untrue, but it’s dangerous.  For those who are convinced to jump right in, they often do so at the peril of their family or finances.  They do so without a savings cushion, in the midst of a difficult family or health situation and without the proper coaching and training, they are sold “easy buttons” and marketing widgets that then get put on credit.

A mountain of debt and a lack of real sales skills is not the way to begin a profitable real estate business.  But, is there really time to do that while holding a full time job?  We know that the answer is YES!  Over the last year, we’ve seen agents come into the business part time at a feverish pace and with some direction and discipline, they’re getting great results and are on their way to kissing their day job good-bye!

How do you know if being a part-time agent is right for you?  For some its a starting place until they can go full time.  But, for others its a true part-time job.  Evaluating your personal financial situation and goals, if 15 deals a year will get you there, why not be a part-time agent?  No matter which direction you choose, there are solid principles that will pave the way for immediate success…

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