It was nerve-wracking enough for you to pick up the phone and actually make the initial phone call, but now what?  When the conversation ends without a definitive appointment or when you’re waiting to hear from the seller about the listing presentation you just went on (‘cuz you were first instead of last!), what do you say now?

Lead followup is one of the most avoided and unmastered skills of a real estate agent. Many agents avoid it because they don’t know what to say, they’re afraid of ‘bothering’ them or being seen as the ‘pushy’ salesperson.  The reality is that it’s not hard when you know what to say, and if you’re not following up, then someone else is!  In fact, if you’re worried about being ‘pushy’ realize that the average prospect will tell you ‘No’ five to six times before saying ‘Yes.’  So if you’ve only tried to close for the appointment or listing once, you’re not even close!

Another issue is that lead-follow up is misunderstood by agents.  It’s not what you think it is or may have been taught by your broker or other agents you’ve been modeling, which may be the very source of your frustration.  Here’s what lead follow up is NOT, but agents THINK it is:

“I emailed them what they asked for, but didn’t hear anything back.”

“Its been a week since I heard from them.  I don’t think they’re interested.”

“I dropped off my pre-listing package, but they didn’t call me back.”

“I emailed them because they emailed me.  I don’t think they’d want me to call” 

In all of these scenarios, the agent is putting the responsibility to respond on the buyer or seller.  It’s NOT their job to call you.  It’s YOUR job to call them and help move them toward a decision.  These responses all make assumptions about what the prospect wants or doesn’t want.  Did they say they didn’t want you to call them?  Most of them don’t, but that’s not what agents hear.  Instead, the fear of rejection and the lack of knowledge of how to stimulate a follow up conversation rob the agent of what might be a very strong opportunity.

How do you start a conversation that will get you to you to a closing?

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