In our much anticipated interview with author & world renowned sales leader, Jeb Blount, we drill down on the top challenges today for sales people; distractions, communications, why prospecting sucks and why that doesn’t matter!

Jeb is the author of eight books, including “Fanatical Prospecting” and “People Buy You.” He travels over 270 days of the year bringing his message of fanatical prospecting, focus and success to millions of sales people in various industries around the world.

In his no-nonsense interview with Tim Harris, Jeb gives it to us straight: Prospecting sucks, but you have to do it in order to be a successful salesperson and agent.  Sharing real life experiences from his training, he gives practical tips for how to plow through the drudgery of lead generation.  No “rah-rah” here, just focused, concentrated time.

Jeb touches on a variety of topics, including the five questions that every client wants answered before they will list or buy with you and the five characteristics of every ultra high performer in sales.

Jeb also speaks to the emotions behind why people buy, who they will buy from, and why you need to understand that.  A fan himself of “learn while you earn” Jeb explains the things he sees that trip sales people up the most and how they need to move past that in order to be a high achiever.

Jeb says, “Success is paid for in advance with prospecting.”  Acknowledging that it comes with sacrifice and a little bit of pain, his message is clear to agents:  the best agents in the world are the ones who are fanatical about prospecting.

Inspiring and chock full of wisdom and insights, if you aren’t already a raving fan of him and his book “Fanatical Prospecting” you will be by the end of this power hour!

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