You know who to call and you’re prospecting environment is ready to go!  Now, its time to get serious about securing some appointments.  This is where agents can fall off track.  Either from prior past experiences or not enough experience, they’ve adopted sloppy habits and some mindsets or rules that simply aren’t true and don’t work.

Often times either from over-obsessing or even avoidance, agents get tied up in the weeds and box themselves in to ideas like not leaving voicemails, focusing on the number of contacts or using scripts that turn the seller off.  We have 20 of the best, most powerful prospecting rules that will actually bring freedom to your prospecting time and allow you the flexibility of performing at your peak when you follow them.

We pick up where we left off yesterday with 6 more rules for prospecting that you need to learn:

6. Have appointment obsession, not Contact-itis.  What does it matter if you made 100 contacts, but got no appointments?  Wouldn’t it be more fun to make 20 contacts and get 1 appointment?  Or even after just 10 contacts?  Sure, its a numbers game, but spend your time on securing highly motivated, prequalified appointments!  Some days it will come faster than others!

7. Who do you call?  Here’s our favorites: Expired, old expired, and even older expireds – and that’s no joke!  Look at your calendar!  The best days to call those expired clients is today and tomorrow!!  After that, we love FSBO’s, FRBO’s, NOD’s, Builders, Flippers, COI/PC, Just Listed/Sold, Open House leads, Networking contact, professional COI’s…get the point?  There’s a never ending supply of prospects!

8. Quit the ‘Blah-Blah’ and SELL with powerful, scripted questions.  Your prospecting time is to pre-qualify and secure an appointment, not to razzle-dazzle them with how great you are or with quick objection handlers.

9. Call the most motivated ‘spokes’ FIRST.  After your red hot lead follow-ups have been contacted, move onto your most motivated prospects in other categories.

10. Use a service to find those numbers rather than waste valuable time trying to find them yourself.  While FSBO’s/FRBO’s can be found easily online through advertisements and other sources like Zillow and Craigslist, use a service for the others. Listen to the podcast to hear our recommendations.

11.  What if there’s no phone number?  Door knock!

We’re just getting started, so make sure to stay tuned for tomorrow’s podcast as we talk about more must-know prospecting rules that get results!



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