You know who to call and your prospecting environment is ready to go!  Now, its time to get serious about securing some appointments.  This is where agents can fall off track. Either from past experiences or not enough experience, they’ve adopted sloppy habits and some mindsets or rules that simply aren’t true and don’t work.

Often times either from over-obsessing or even avoidance, agents get tied up in the weeds and box themselves into ideas like not leaving voicemails, focusing on number of contacts or using scripts that turn the seller off.  We have 20 of the best, most powerful prospecting rules that will actually bring freedom to your prospecting time and allow you the flexibility of performing at your peak when you follow them.

Today we wrap up our 3 part series with our final 8 points on being a powerful prospector:

12. Have a dedicated prospecting area with the correct setup and tools on hand. We did an entire show on this last week where you can hear all the details of the perfect prospecting environment.

13. Have a prospecting ‘ritual.’ Prospect at the same time every day at the same time!  You wouldn’t reschedule or miss a listing appointment, right?  Treat this the same way!

14. Practice a Media Free Morning to keep your mind clear.

15. Have accountability partners who are doing more production than you are.

16. Track your results. Your goal should be 10 to 1 ratio of calls made to appointments set.

17. Do not delegate your prospecting to a virtual assistant, personal assistant or buyers agent.  Your #1 job as a professional sales person is to SET APPOINTMENTS!

18. Never end the day with leads you haven’t followed up on. 

19. Stop Over-Pre-Qualifying, making up stories about a house or a situation.  You know you’re guilty…admit it!

20. Embrace the fact that this is the fuel for the engine you’re building and keep the tank full at all times!

Are you ready to get to work?  Spring is underway in most areas of the country and the time is NOW for you to buckle down.  Stop waiting to ‘feel like’ doing this most important task in your business.  Most days you won’t feel like it, so forget about passion.  Focus on RESULTS!  Listen to todays podcast for the in’s and out’s of these final points and more!



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