We’re all familiar with what vital signs are, thanks to umpteen medical dramas and reality television hospital shows.  That little clipboard (or now, its likely digital) that hangs above a patients bed that nurses use to record every aspect of a patients health?  It’s a daily, and in real medical cases, more like hourly check on whether or not the patient is going to make it!  Are their vital signs moving in a direction that signals a full recovery or not?  And this information is at-a-glance, posted prominently.  Imagine how nervous you’d feel if every time your doctor or nurse came in they fumbled in taking your vital signs and weren’t sure what they meant!?

In real estate, you have vital signs to know like the back of your hand.  It’s the health thermometer of your business and knowing these ‘signs’ off the top of your head is critical to living a full and healthy real estate life!

Vital signs are the pulse of your business and its an added accountability for you, your coach (if you have one) and anyone else who you’ve invited to help you be accountable to your goals.  Are you ready to talk the Vital Signs Oath?

“In order to get from where I am to where I want to be, I must develop strategies, initiate activities, measure results and track my vital signs.”

One of the toughest areas agents struggle with is measuring their results.  Activities are happening such a mailing campaigns and e-newsletters, but when the coaches ask what their results are, we often hear “Well, I don’t know…I got a few calls here and there from it.”  That is not what we mean by measuring results!  A true measure of your results includes knowing how much it cost you, how many items you sent out, and how much you are making vs. how much you’re paying for that item?

While that example speaks to marketing, you are also responsible for measuring the results of your calls to expireds, FSBO’s, past clients etc…

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