We hear it all the time!  “I’ve already called all my leads. There aren’t any new ones!” Really, people? You can’t find ANY new leads anywhere? In todays market, especially with low inventory in some areas, you have to dig deep for listings! It’s time to think differently than all the rest of the agents out there.  You need to take advantage of all opportunities and be willing to try things you haven’t done before.  Remember: withhold your judgment about whether or not the ideas are ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and just take action and let the results speak for themselves.

Maybe For Sale By Owners were your staple and now thats been depleted?  Or you were your markets resident short sale expert and now things have turned around?  No matter what your previous expertise was, its time to sharpen the ax and expand into where your market is going, not where it was 5 years ago.

The first one here on our list of 25 is our favorite!  There are so many reasons to love them…

  1. Expired Listings. This is one of the most feared categories, but it shouldn’t be!  Agents have been afraid of calling the ‘angry expired’; the one whose house didn’t sell and is now all riled up because of it!  Be aware that thats a story you’ve created in your head and its stopping you from one of the most lucrative sources of business. Expired listings have already said YES to working with an agent (and paying a commission!), so now they just need the right agent – and that’s YOU!
  2. Other agents in your office or area. This one sounds strange, but if you can get over the egos involved, you’ll scoop up some more dough!  Consider the agents who are so busy with their upper end listings that they aren’t as interested in the less expensive ones or the ones that come with more work (like short sales).  Strike up a relationship with another agent and a referral agreement and you’re all set!

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