Not many agents go to the office everyday and say to themselves, “Gee, I can’t wait for a good dose of conflict!”  In fact, most agents run and hide at the very first sign of this boogie monster.  Even if you’re not physically running for the door, there are specific ways to know if that rumbling in your stomach is conflict avoidance or the bad breakfast burrito you ate. The signs of conflict avoidance aren’t always obvious.  When faced with the fear of a challenging client situation, your ego will do some pretty sneaky things to protect itself!

This ‘monster’ rears its head in different kinds of real estate situations.  When you know the seller has to reduce the price and you fear having that conversation?  That’s the conflict monster keeping you afraid and backed into a corner!  When you get a lowball offer on your listing and find yourself putting off the phone call just a few minutes longer because you’re afraid of the response?  Conflict avoidance has gotten to you again!  When you get the home inspection report back, your buyer wants to make an outlandish request, and you are hesitating making the phone call to the co-broke agent?  Conflict ‘monster’ has you running scared!

Almost every agent has gone through situations like these, but for some agents its paralyzing and has lost them time, clients and money – which of course is ultimately the same thing! How do you know if you’re one of those conflict avoiders that is continually held hostage?  Today we talk about 6 way to know if you’re in this camp!

  1. You feel physically sick, exhausted or panicky when conflict arises in your personal or business life. 
  2. You immediately lash out at the other side in an effort to maintain control of the situation.  This one’s tricky!  It doesn’t seem like conflict avoiding, does it?

We have 4 more great points on this topic, so continue listening to the podcast and learn how to identify your own conflict avoidance and learn how to deal with it.



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