Real Estate Agent’s DISC Personality Profile: Take the Test (Part 2)

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Today is part 2 of 3, DISC Personality Profile real estate training and coaching. Let’s get to understanding these personality styles.  To keep it practical and tactical, we’ll first look at how you win and how you lose with each, specifically with regard to real estate appointments and transactions.  Put these notes in each quadrant.  

The Driver Personality Style:  Direct and Introverted.
– Often they are entrepreneurs, CEOs or managers, or other positions of authority.

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You win by:
-Showing up on time.
-Being direct.
-Being prepared and professional.
-Asking pointed questions to understand their needs.
-Showing how you’ll deliver results.
-Being factual and accurate and not full of fluff.
-Send bullet-pointed, short emails.
-Deliver on your promises.
-Close for their business.

You lose by:
-Showing up late or rescheduling, especially more than once.
-Not being prepared so you seem to be winging it or taking their business for granted.
-Sending long, text-heavy emails or lengthy voicemails.
-Not following through on what you said you’d do.
-Being assumptive versus factual.
-Looking unprofessional, too casual, or disheveled.
-Not asking for their business.
-Taking too long at your appointments / selling with blah, blah, blah instead of just blah!

The Influencer / Expressive Personality Style:  Direct and Extraverted.
-Life of the party types. They know everyone, are super social, very relationship-oriented.  Party organizers.
-Tend to be aspirational and move a lot.

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You win by:
-Letting them be more dominant, especially if you too are expressive.
-Being fun and responsive to them.
-Know what they most desire and deliver it. Often this is to be in the same neighborhood as their friends or colleagues.
-Compliment, compliment, compliment! They love attention!
-Accept their gifts and praise with enthusiasm.
-Don’t assume they write down or remember important things in the transaction or process.  Confirm a lot and ask them to put it in their calendar, etc.
-Showing more than telling.

You lose by:
-Trying to be more dominant.
-Being too quiet or aloof.
-Assuming they read your long email or remembered your long voicemail.
-Trying to sell them something they can’t afford. This will make them embarrassed, disappointed, etc.
-Being negative.  Expressives are social and upwardly mobile types who like to have fun and share in group experiences.
-Being too analytical.  Not spreadsheet types.

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