Real Estate Agent’s DISC Personality Profile: Take the Test (Part 3)

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Today is part 3 of 3, DISC Personality Profile real estate training and coaching. Today we drill down on the S and C personality profiles (or styles) The DISC Model of Behavior was first proposed in 1928 by William Moulton Marston, a physiological psychologist, in his book Emotions of Normal People. Marston made a deliberate decision to focus only on psychological phenomena that were directly observable and easily measurable.

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Based on his research, Marston theorized that the behavioral expression of emotions could be categorized into four primary personality styles, based on the subject’s perceptions of themself in relationship to their environment. These four types were labeled by Marston as Dominance (D), Inducement (I), Submission (S), and Compliance (C).

These four styles are now commonly referred to as Driver, Influencer or Expressive, Supportive or Amiable, and Compliant or Analytical.  There are many, many ‘spins’ on this, including tests and books.  It’s commonly taught in sales training and business school. Marston created a model that integrated these four types of emotional expression into a two-dimensional chart. 

He used the criteria of ‘introvert vs. extrovert’ and ‘direct vs. indirect’ to make that chart.  We’ll draw that chart together later in the podcast. 

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William Marston was also known by the pen name of Charles Moulton, and also invented the prototype of what would become a lie detector.  He wrote a lot about self-help and created the character Wonder Woman. Keep in mind that psychology is not a ‘hard science’, meaning it is full of abstract concepts, theory, observational analysis, and conjecture.  It is not the same as physics, chemistry, or biology which have provable equations and actual laws.

Most importantly, remember that DISC is not a science, it’s a guide.  There is no specific personality style that is guaranteed to be successful or not successful in business or in real estate.

Supportive or Amiable Personality Style: Indirect and Extraverted.
– Very family-oriented, involved in schools and community.  They’re the ones with the bandaid when you need it.
– Generally very caring and supportive.
– Support roles in business typically but not always.
– Beware of the versatile amiable competition!  They are secretly very effective.

You win by:
– Listening, even if their stories are long or seemingly not relevant. It’s important to them or they wouldn’t be telling you.
– Asking questions and listening closely to their answers. They can be very telling about what’s most important to them.
– Giving them lots of time to think about things without risking them losing out.  This can be a delicate balance.
– Share your testimonials.  Amiable personalities are very likely to actually call or email your testimonials.
– Eat what they offer you, compliment what they made.
– Lots and lots and lots of communication!
– Allow them to get to know you without getting too personal.

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