In 2007, there was a 38% ROI in online ad spending. In 2015 that’s dropped to NEGATIVE 32%. What’s that mean for agents? For every dollar you make, you’re spending $1.32 to make it buying leads. Quit wasting that money!

Why is this happening? Zillow, Trulia, and hundreds of other real-estate lead-sellers out there have over-saturated the market for online leads. The quality has bottomed out, duplicates are rampant, and the new definition of a ‘lead’ is a warm body that filled out an online form so they could look at more online listings.

In today’s podcast, we’ll offer deep insights into what lead buying really means in today’s industry – and along with it, explains in detail why “drip campaigns” don’t work for most agents.  Simply put, buyers & sellers aren’t waiting around for your email – they’re active online, and if you don’t convert them rapidly they’ll become some other agent’s lead while your drip campaign sits in their overflowing inbox.

Listen along as we drill down on the shocking statistics associated with online lead generation and profitability in the real estate industry. Why the best teams in the world are only converting 2.5% of their online leads — and that’s the VERY best teams, with all the systems and resources in place.


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