Zillow has just completed its survey of the best day and best month to list a house. Accordingly, in some 30+ metro markets around the country, Saturday is considered to be the best day to list a house as Zillow researchers found that a Saturday listing garners 20% more views by consumers than other earlier days in the week.  Friday is considered to be the second best day to list a house as a Friday listing garners 14% more views by consumers than other earlier days.

A Saturday in the earlier weeks of May is considered to be the best month to list a house. According to Zillow Seller’s Peak Opportunity Survey, houses listed on a Saturday in May sell 9 days faster and generate 1% above the asking price more than other days/months of the year.  With there being 3% fewer homes on the market in 2017 than in 2016, 2017 will be an even more competitive buying market than last so it might make sense to consider Zillow’s research of most opportune day/month to list a house.

Buyers are ready!  Will your house be ready to list in time?

Dr. Svenja Gudell, Zillow’s chief economist, says “Many buyers who started looking in early spring will still be looking for their dream home months later…By May, many of those lookers are becoming more and more anxious to settle into their new home plus they will be more willing to pay a premium just to close the deal.”

Research aside, however, weather plays a big part when considering when to list a home. In sunshine states such as California, Arizona, Texas and Florida, there is more leeway in terms of best listing days/months. Tampa registers March 1 – 15 as the best time span; Los Angeles registers April 16 – 31; Miami comes in on March 1 – 15; Tampa comes in on March 1 – 15; even Pittsburgh and Detroit register March 16 – 31 as the most opportune selling window.

Many real estate agents with boots on the ground have other opinions about the best days and months to list a home.  Some realtors don’t work on Saturday.  Others say, “Why would I list a house on a Saturday when I know that all the other realtors have decided by Thursday and Friday which houses to view on Saturday with their clients.  Those agents wouldn’t even see a Saturday listing.”

One agent, Phil Henderson with Key Realty, goes a step or two farther by saying, “Here in NW Ohio and SE Michigan, if I had 10 new listings today, I’d sell 20 tomorrow.”  Several agents say that the best day and the best month to list a house is when the owner needs to sell it.  And, perhaps the most prophetic agent of all jokingly says, “Magic 8 and Zoltar are usually the best and most reliable sources for everything in real estate…I listen to them when they tell me when to list a house.”