Every agent dreams of it, but only a few ever really make into the luxury market.  Why is this? Luxury Marketing expert, Michael LaFido, is our guest today and he tells all on how to take the barriers off your mindset, and get creative and connected so that YOU can become the go-to agent in your market, no matter how luxury is defined there.  Is it $500K? $1 Million?  More?  Michael’s advice, energy and experience solidify his position as one of the worlds leading experts and authors on luxury marketing that will inspire you to reach for more!

We answer the question about mindset; the limiting beliefs that keep many agents from ever going outside their markets average sale price.  A limiting belief doesn’t just sound like “I’ll never get into the luxury market” or “I’m just not good enough.”  Many agents think that the only way to break into the upper end is to live in an upper end home, drive a high end car, or hang their license at a fancy boutique brokerage. Michael says its all nonsense! Using an actual example from one Tim’s coaching calls, Michael explains how that agent (and you too!) can turn that limiting belief around and work it to your benefit.

What do agents need to do in order to start building that high end or luxury (Michael explains the difference) portfolio?

  1. Be Authentic.  No matter how many zeros are at the end of their paycheck, they still put on their pants the same way every morning.  You don’t need to know a ‘secret handshake.’
  2. Be Hungry. Remember, some of those high end agents are expecting to get the listing. They don’t see a hungry agent like yourself coming up behind them, so remind the seller that their home didn’t sell with that superstar and that your kick-ass track record in your current price point is what you’ll be bringing to the table.

There’s tons more practical and tactical points Michael brings to the podcast today, so be sure to listen to the entire show!  If you’ve always wanted to raise your average sales price and run with the top dogs, Michael has real-world, top notch advice for you!

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