This means you DO have goals, but how do you know your own level of commitment?  

1 Are these goals written down, specific and posted?  Are they taken seriously?

2 Are you obsessed with your goals to the point that you push through your fears, you do what you don’t want to do when you don’t want to do AND you do it at a high level?  Do you use the affirmation, ‘I’m a do-er, I do things now, I get things done!’?

3 If you’re not getting the results you need to get, are you pursuing excellence to get there or just settling for lesser results?  Can you identify what you must do to correct course and get best results?

4 What is your accountability structure to achieve your goals?  Who do you report to? A coach, your spouse, yourself?  Do you embrace accountability or run from it?

5 How do you handle yourself when things do NOT go your way? How fast do you get back in the saddle?  Do you make a failure or challenge your ‘theme song’ for the week, month, quarter or year?

6 If we called you in the middle of the night, would you be able to state what Napoleon Hill called your ‘Definiteness of purpose’?

7 What are 3 action steps you must implement to get closer to your goal?


-Systematize, schedule and upgrade your Lead Generation

Finally get your Pre Listing Package done so you stop losing listing appts to someone else.

Go back to your Real Estate Treasure Map schedule or 90 day massive action plan and actually follow it. Get an accountability partner and create incentives for following it and disincentives for not. 

Use the Real Estate Success Game if you’re a Premier or Elite coaching client to increase your number of appointments weekly. 

Attend your DAILY Premier Coaching calls and ask questions which move you forward.

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