You just clicked.  You and your new buyers.  It was a like a match made in heaven!  The showing appointments, the feedback, the writing of the offers and more.  Even when they lost the first house, they figured “That’s Ok, it just wasn’t meant to be.”  But now its the fifth house they’ve lost and now your buyers are not so happy, and worse yet, they seem to not be happy with YOU.  As frustration mounts on both sides and your buyer finally pushes back with “Who’s side are you on, anyway?” what can you do to bring everyone back to their happy place and get them the house of their dreams?

First, its imperative to take a step back and view this from their perspective.  Often times, after years in the real estate business, agents can forget what its like to be on the other side and, in their mind, can minimize the buyers concerns without meaning to.  To the buyer, this kind of unintended neglect can cause them to start questioning your motives and they begin to see you as the enemy; the one standing in the way of their deal.

What kinds of requests/situations can cause buyers to think that you (and the other agent) are only looking out for yourself?

  • Having to bid over the asking (in some cases, significantly)
  • Guaranteeing to pay the appraisal difference
  • Escalation Clauses
  • Non-refundable earnest money
  • Removal of all kinds of contingencies (inspection included!)
  • Strict lender requirements for their pre-approval letter
  • Personal letters to seller “begging” for their offer to be accepted
  • Low expectations for much negotiation

Knowing how to properly answer the buyers concerns about all of these situations can get the train back on the track and put the buyer back in your good graces.  Listen to todays podcast episode as we talk about the 10 things you must do or explain to them, and even give you four rules for working with buyers to save you time!

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