The spring market is in full swing and for many areas around the country, homes will be selling in less time than a year ago.  That’s no reason to get lax about communicating with your seller though!  Plenty of things in this highly frenzied and emotional market can go wrong before keys are exchanged on closing day, and the only way to ensure that you are the recipient of all their future referral, is to step up your game!  For a seller with their largest investment on the line, there is no such thing as over communicating. We have a 12 Week Plan that outlines the scope and frequency of your communication to get you across the finish line.

This first requires a mindset shift.  If you’ve been spending most of your time doing REO’s and Short Sales where you never had to report to a seller and deal with the emotional pendulum swing of the process, this will take some getting used to.  If your market moved quickly in the past, but has now eased up, you need new strategies and regular communication to keep the seller happy.

The last thing you want is the seller uttering the line many of us know from pop icon Janet Jackson…”What have you done for me, lately?” The truth is, they are already thinking it every day that goes by and their house hasn’t sold.  But if they have to call and ask you, you know that you’re falling behind and losing their confidence in the process.

Communication begins on Day 1:

  • Confirm sign is in the yard
  • Let the seller know “what happens next”
    • Photographer takes pictures for MLS
    • Home Brochures are under construction
    • Lockbox installed
    • Showing instructions confirmed
    • Review with the seller how they will receive feedback
    • Print this form and cross off items week by week for each listing and keep this in your file.
    • Send a Thank You card to the seller

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