You know them, those top producers in your office!  At every office meeting they’re rattling off the laundry list of sellers they signed, buyers they put into contract and new leads they snatched up like acorns on a fall day.  They make it seem so easy and effortless!  But, whats really going on behind the scenes of every agent who collects a ton of commissions? Learn the top 10 habits of listing agents that they’d rather you didn’t know!  Hear how its not found in the fancy car, the $1,000 suit or the glossy advertising and Facebook ads. These agents take special note of the finer (and tougher!) details and know how to shine in the moment so they’re always walking away with the signature!  Here are their secrets…

  1. They have a pre-listing routine. That means no ‘winging it!’ They’ve already previewed the competition, done their affirmations and prayer, and to top it off – they show up early, and they NEVER show up unprepared.
  2. They tailor their presentation to the prospect and their needs. Its time to toss the cookie-cutter presentation that you got from the office or some antiquated coaching program of yesteryear. While the presentation may be tailored, the system is the same.
  3. They check their own body language and that of their prospects. If a seller gets up to do the dishes while you’re presenting or is scrolling through their iPhone, that’s a pretty strong indication that their bored and that you’re losing them! But what about the other subtle signs you should be looking for?
  4. The listing agent presents in the style of the prospect, not their own. If your high “D” personality doesn’t tame itself when presenting to the steady “S” you’ll find yourself being shown the door!  Don’t expect them to be like you.  A real professional aims to change to be like the prospect.

If you’re tired of losing out and wonder how the top producer in your office is making things happen all the time, listen to the full episode of todays podcast. We’ll touch on the opening, the closing, what to do with silence, objections, rejection and more!


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