Your palms are sweating, there’s butterflies in your tummy, and the ‘what if’s’ are swirling around in your head. The long drawn out dial tone echoes in your ear while your fingers reluctantly punch out the phone number.  The last time you felt this way was in high school and you’re now remembering how much you hate rejection! But this is real estate, not a date, so what’s the big fuss?  You have a case of call reluctance and we have the cure!

What causes call reluctance and why as a grown adult are you still feeling the same kinds of fears you did all those years ago?  It would be easy to say that its your fear of failure and for many that’s true.  The fear of being rejected – even by a stranger – and failing to get the appointment, get the listing, sign the buyer contract.  In your mind, they are all the result of them not ‘liking’ you.  In actuality, it has little to do with them not ‘liking’ you and much more to do with your presentation.

The flip side?  The fear of success.  Many agents dismiss this idea fairly quickly.  Who wouldn’t want to be successful?  The person who fears what success would do to them, what others would then expect from them, and fears the pressure of having to climb to the next rung on the ladder!  This is often experienced by perfectionists; the ones who are so fearful of not being perfect that they limit their own success in order to not have to experience failure.

What’s the cure? First, accept that as a real estate agent, your #1 job is to create new business for yourself every, single working day.  If you cringe at the word ‘prospecting’, rename it lead generation!  Whatever you need to do to reframe your mindset around this concept is critical!

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