If you’ve been looking for foundational truths to save your business (and maybe your life) and ensure your success, look no further than a lifetime of research and study by famous author of Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill.  His ground-breaking interviews with over 500 renowned millionaires reveals that success can be boiled down into 17 principles, that when applied daily, can take anyone who’s willing to put in the work, straight to the top of their field.

We began yesterday in Part 1 with the first two the “Big Four” – Definiteness of Purpose, Mastermind Alliance, Applied Faith and Going the Extra Mile.  Today we pick up on those last two and expand on more!

3. Applied Faith  – Faith is a state of mind that demands action in order to breed success for the long haul.  Abandon the idea of “one foot in, one foot out” and be fully committed to the actions that an agent must do daily; the actions of being in front of prospects!  Merely having faith doesn’t bring you what you want, but it will assist you in taking the action of going after it!

4. Going the Extra Mile – Have you ever been the one receiving a gift at closing from the client, rather than just being the giver?  This is a classic example of someone who went the extra mile in that transaction and the client rewarded and recognized that.  Your strength in a situation goes hand in hand with the struggle and those who serve well never forget it when you go above and beyond.  Make it a daily practice to serve often, to serve generously and have an equally generous attitude when you do.

5. Pleasing Personality – Hill also calls this a PMA or a Positive Mental Attitude.  Not only develop one, but then commit to having one in every situation.  Your personality is the most valuable asset you have and is a reflection of your emotions.  Since emotions are fickle, focus on controlling them with courtesy so that your personality doesn’t become a liability!

6. Personal Initiative – Also known as the antithesis to procrastination!  Repeat this mantra as many times as you have to…”I’m a DOER, I do things NOW, I get things DONE!”

7. Positive Mental Attitude – If you don’t have this, the other 16 principles won’t matter as much.  A positive attitude looks for ways things can be done and attracts other powerful people and opportunities to get things done!  Negativity only bring more negativity and thinks of every obstacle rather then opportunity.

Join us on the podcast tomorrow as we reveal more of these powerful principles and listen to todays episode to hear the specifics on how to implement these into your life TODAY!

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