Renovation Reality: Owner Issues Drop Dead Date to Contractor

We’re back with Episode 14 of Renovation Reality, hosted by Atlanta real estate expert Collette McDonald. During last week’s edition, viewers were asked to vote for some kitchen appliance options. Vacationing contractors also were causing minor headaches.

The project has passed the three-month mark, and the homeowners are starting to get homesick! They have set a deadline, giving the contractor eight more weeks to wrap up the project. Will he be able to meet that deadline? Only time will tell.

This week, Collette offers a look at some new updates, including the siding. It has been a struggle to get the job done, after two contractors didn’t even show up. The third time was a GO and a contractor is moving forward on the job, which should only take a few days to complete. Engineers and welders were in the home to reinforce some beams. An inspection is set for next week. After that, drywall work can begin.

The homeowner has encountered a number of surprises, from smoke alarms, humps, beams and piers, “creatures” and other unexpected issues. When you start a home renovation project, there are always surprises as a project unfolds. You never know what awaits underneath when you remove walls and floors. Also, fixing one problem can create another issue somewhere else. It is always best to plan for the unexpected.

Fingers are crossed for next week’s inspection. If the project is going to continue to move forward and meet the deadline, a positive inspection is the first step.

Be sure to check out this week’s Renovation Reality to see how these surprises rank. You will want to watch the video through to the very end so you don’t miss out on the No. 1 surprise for this and many renovation projects. It is something you may not even think of!

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