What if you had a real estate crystal ball?  Life would be so much easier!  You may not realize it, but you actually do! You can learn to predict what’s coming next in your market by watching for the signs.  We’ll teach you the tell-tale signs that your market is going through some kind of shift.  More importantly, we’ll tell you why it matters to you and the skills you’re going to need to perfect in order to perform at your best no matter what is coming down the pike!

When agents hear about a market shift they typically become afraid.  Sadly, most tend not to do anything to prepare themselves in advance for whatever change is coming.   Instead of being part of the pack that suffered in the last market crash, you can be part of the survivors and thrivers; the multimillionaires that learned where the market was going and got their skills in line!  Don’t hide from the truth – be over prepared!

What other things do you need to be on the look-out for to tell where your market is headed?  Listen to todays episode for all the details on these…

Builder Incentives – When they start offering just about everything under the sun so your buyer will write an offer, you know that the winds ‘o change are coming!  Free upgrades? Buyer agent bonuses? Special rate buy-downs?  Somethings up!

Interest rates – Know the impact of small rate increases!  Who will those specifically affect? For those of you in denial that the Federal Reserve rate increases aren’t going to have an affect on your market, think again!

Consumer Sentiment – Not everyone lives a cool media free life like most of our listeners do!  So, whatever gets fed into the psyche of the market, the impact is going to be felt. We’ll tell you what to google, read and follow so that you’ll be informed and tuned in to what your prospects are hearing!

Bottom line?  A ‘changing’ market is not a bad thing.  Its where opportunity exists if you’re willing to pivot and hone the skills necessary to outlast the competition!

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