Extroverts are easy to spot in almost any kind of group of people. They’re the animated ones, the ones at the center of the action, the ones who look as though they have a spotlight shining upon them even when there isn’t a spotlight, the ones who appear to be enjoying themselves more than anyone else in the group. Yes, extroverts thrive on the energy and interactions with other people and, in fact, need those interactions to feel in sync with themselves.

So what’s it like to be an extrovert? What’s it like to work with an extrovert?  And what’s it like to love one?

Let’s look at an extrovert on her own first.  She loves socializing with others and because she’s so good at interacting with anyone about most anything, this extrovert is able to help others relax by listening to them and helping them to feel important.  She is both interesting and interested in a wide variety of topics, many of which she learns about from others. Though appearing 100% confident in any setting, she has her own fair share of self doubts just like everyone else.  She does need “alone” time just like everyone else, though not as much alone time as others who are not extroverts.


At work, she is highly effective with clients, with groups and with making public presentations.  Again, the extrovert thrives on interacting with others and becomes energized when doing so.  She notices every detail about her immediate environment and the people within that environment including the non-verbal cues those people communicate in their body language, tone of voice, facial expressions.  To get the most from an extrovert at work, invite her to brainstorm face to face about an issue instead of emailing or texting her so she has the opportunity to interact in real time with you while finding a solution collaboratively to the issue at hand.

If you happen to love an extrovert, know that she is not a narcissist.  She wants to listen to you, interact with you, will go to bat for you and will compromise for you in any way she can to keep you engaged.  If finances are at issue, know that most extroverts are not savers…they tend to be impatient and prefer instant gratification.  Know too that she may not need as much quiet or alone time as you so when you need some quiet but not alone time, suggest going to the movies or taking a walk together.  It’s the “together” part that she loves.


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