Where’s my paycheck? That’s what so many agents say after running around all weekend trying to get their business moving forward, only to come up empty handed.  What’s the problem? Instead of basing their time and daily schedule on profit, they get sucked into passive activities and drama that gets them stuck in the admin vortex, up to their eyeballs in things that don’t contribute to making their goals and often leave them feeling discouraged – and broke!  Guess what? The actions you take either lead you to profit or peril.

So, when you’re frustrated and ready to hang up your lockbox key, thinking you just can’t possibly do it all, we’re here to tell you that you CAN!  The big issue is that your focus is in the wrong areas.  Part of that is because you’re been taught that everything is a “real estate emergency” and the other part is self-imposed, as an excuse not to do the things that really matter –  the scary thing of hard work!

What’s real, profit building work in this business?  Memorize this list: Lead Generation, Lead Follow Up, Prequalifying, Presenting, Negotiating and Closing.  ‘Lather, rinse, repeat!’ If its not on that list, why are you wasting your time on it?  So get clear right now that you must start your day with profit, and that means you must lead with profit producing activities.

Now that you know what those items are, you may be wondering about those ‘other’ things you’ve been doing that have been sucking all your time.  Where do those fit in your day now?  Or do they even fit in at all anymore?

Today we discuss the in’s and out’s of the most common profit-killing, schedule wrecking activities of all agents, regardless of market, experience or price range and how to take back control!

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