What do you think about your present financial situation?  What you think matters, because what you believe and the actions you take based on those beliefs will determine if your present situation stays the same, grows or disappears. In Part 2 of our series, we ask home hard questions about the answers you wrote down yesterday about money.

Let’s confront those beliefs!  Are they true? How do you know they are true?  Do you have actual proof?  Think about who you would be and what you would experience if you no longer had those beliefs?

Every belief you hold is having an affect on the quality of your health, happiness and well-being. Being rich is a choice.  It starts with having the courage to question your often very limiting beliefs about MONEY.

Being of service to others is our calling. The reason you do (or don’t) have what you have or live how you want to live is because of the number of people YOU have helped. That is the core success formula. The more people you help accomplish their goals, the more you too will accomplish.

Shed your hang-ups about stuff.  We are spiritual beings in a physical form. We still need the daily things of life; shoes, houses, cars and clothes.  Why not have it be nice stuff?

How can you implement this new way of thinking?  Think about the last time you felt the most ‘alive’ and then realize it was likely when you were in service to someone else.  Now, if you were to shed those limiting beliefs about being rich and create a plan that you KNEW would work, how much more focused and intense would you be every day?

On the final conclusion of this series this week, we will walk you through the very steps that can make you rich, no matter what the market does, so long as your have your mindset straight! See Our Notes On Vanguard-Index-Funds

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