Real estate agents are meeting new people and prospects all the time.  Regardless of where you are, people are assessing “who you are” based upon things that may not even occur to you consciously.  (Of course, you are assessing them as well.)  Just to make sure that you make the impression you want to make, try to become aware of things you might take for granted that may just tip the scales in your direction when those prospects are selecting an agent to help them buy or sell a home.

  1.  Handwriting is a highly telling, unconscious function in daily life. Some forensics people study individual handwriting to help determine a criminal mind.  Some spiritualists and artists study it to determine a person’s character, future and/or talents.  And some study handwriting to determine personality types.  People with small handwriting, according to the National Pen Company, tend to be shy, meticulous and studious and those with large handwriting tend to be more outgoing and attention grabbing.  Those who put more pressure on a pen while writing tend to be more serious and those who are light handed tend to be more empathic and sensitive.
  2. Colors that you choose to wear say much about who you are as a person, according to Psychology Today.  Black tends to be worn by more sensitive, artistic and detail oriented people.  Those who prefer red are seen to live life to its fullest.  Green symbolizes loyalty and affection.  People who wear white are seen as logical and organized.  Those who prefer to wear blue tend to be seen as stable, sensitive and considerate of others.
  3. Nail biting, along with other body focused, repetitive behaviors such as pulling hair and picking at skin, is translated into impatience, frustration, boredom and dissatisfaction.  All are seen as slightly self destructive.
  4. Shoes are great indicators of personal characteristics such as income, political affiliation, gender preferences and age, according to Omri Gillath, a researcher at the University of Kansas.  Gillath says that looking at the cost, style, color and condition of shoes can tell 90% of those personal characteristics.
  5. Eyes, as we all know, are the mirrors to our souls.  Some people think they can tell what you’re thinking and feeling while looking at your eyes.  They think they can tell whether or not you’re deceitful or loyal.  Studies indicate that people with blue eyes tend to be less agreeable than those with darker eyes.  And, of course, lack of steady eye contact indicates a lack of self control, inability to connect and a tendency towards underhandedness.
  6. Being punctual is another telling characteristic about who you are.  If you’re late for a meeting, you are creating a negative, careless impression; if you’re early, you are considered to be considerate of another person’s time, mentally organized and self motivated.
  7. Your handshake screams volumes about you. A strong handshake exudes confidence and reflects stability.  The person on the other end of your handshake will likely think you are extroverted, emotionally expressive and self aware/confident.  A person with a weak handshake may be seen as less confident and less willing/able to take a challenge and see it through.  A weak or strong handshake could be the difference between appearing friendly or standoffish, assertive or shy, competent or uncertain.

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