What do you think about your present financial situation?  What you think matters, because what you believe and the actions you take based on those beliefs will determine if your present situation stays the same, grows or disappears. Today we’ll tackle some important questions to evaluate your mindset about money, teach you the ultimate definition of ‘rich’ and learn how to apply your new mindset to everything you do in business, so that no matter what the market brings, you’re always bringing in the moula!

The first step is to be introspective, rather than reactive.  Pull out a pen and paper and answers these critical questions:

  1. What are your beliefs about money and having wealth?
  2. Do you believe that rich people are evil in any way?
  3. Do you believe that in order to have something (money) you must take it from someone else?
  4. Do you believe that if someone else has money, success or even a listing, that means there is less for you?
  5. Do you believe that in order to be rich you must sacrifice your health, relationships, spirituality and overall well being?
  6. Do you believe its normal to have cash spurts vs. cash flow?
  7. Do you believe that great times must be followed by hard times?
  8. Do you believe that money makes life easier, better in all ways or that it is a burden?
  9. Do you believe that mo’ money = mo’ problems?
  10. Do you believe that in order to have money and build wealth you have to sell your soul?
  11. When I say the word ‘accountability,’ what is the first thought that pops into your head?

A bonus question to ask yourself would be, “What is your definition of rich?”  Think about the reasons you got into real estate.  While many of us have been taught that wealth comes later in life, why not have it now, if you can?  Listen to the rest of todays show to deep dive into these questions and learn how your definition of ‘rich’ can change instantly! See Our Notes On Vanguard-Index-Funds

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