Whether you’re brand new to real estate or a grizzled veteran who is getting burned out on the buyer train, when there’s trouble in buyer paradise, its usually because you’re making any number of these 15 mistakes!  Working with buyers is physical labor and if you’re never been taught the right way to do it, you’ve likely missed out on a lot of commission checks along the way. Today we continue talking about the most efficient and effective techniques to working with buyers and the mistakes to steer clear of in Part 3 of our series.

9. Not being urgent enough with showings, offers and negotiations. If your car isn’t stocked with pens, paper contracts and/or your laptop complete with Docusign, you’re at a serious disadvantage!  Stop using the excuse that the listing agent hasn’t called you back and find them.  Track them down at the office or call their broker if you have to – your commission check depends on it.

10. Not knowing what, other than price, is important to the sellers. Hate to break it to you, but price isn’t always the most important thing.  You can write a top dollar offer for your buyer, but if the sellers tipping point was an ideal closing date or a leaseback, then you lose! The agents who win consistently in multiple offer situations are one who aren’t afraid to grill the listing agent on what the seller is looking for in order to make a deal happen.

11. Weakness in strategizing with clients who have to buy and sell at the same time. Not preparing your seller-buyer for the time frame of their sale and what they’re up against on their purchase side can cause the deal to go sideways really quick.  Without a discussion about potential lease-backs, living with family/friends or temporary housing in a fast moving market, your seller may flip out and either back out of a deal or not even bother to counter out of fear.  Have the discussion up front!

12. Lack of knowledge of financing. At the pace most markets are moving today, your buyer cannot afford to write an offer with FHA financing and expect to be competitive. Understand your market and the financing options available to your buyers to help their offer stand above the rest!

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