Is Zillow the ultimate Frenemy of the real estate industry? It seemed like a win-win when agent listings got massive exposure in the marketplace and had the chance to market on their site.  Then came Zestimates and things got weird (or should we say, inaccurate) and now fighting the Zestimate a seller received was a regular listing presentation occurrence.  But has Zillow sunk to a new low now with their Instant Offer program?  The industry is abuzz about how Instant Offer may (or may not) be an agents undoing.  Will it be yours? We unpack everything you need to know about Instant Offer and how you can take real action to fight back!

In Part One of our series, we touched on the history of Zillow, why Zillow they would be doing this and what exactly is a Zillow Instant Offer? 

The big question looming on todays show is, Will it work?  Will Instant Offer be what tips the scales forever in their favor and completely shuts out agents?  In order to accept our answer on that, you’ll need to change the way you look at Zillow forever.  What do we mean by that?

Remember, that Zillow is your competitor.  They’re not doing what they do out of the kindness of their hearts!  They’re not here to help make your lives easier!  If Zillow is your competitor, then why are you paying them?  Good question!  Once you accept that they are in competition with you, you may just realize its one less place to spend money!  Listen to todays show to hear the bottom line answer on if this will truly work.

We’re well aware that thousands of agents and industry insiders are stomping their feet in protest and demanding that NAR do something about this.  Should NAR step in?

For those of you wondering if Zillow is going to continue to beat down our brokerage doors, you’ll be surprised when you hear our answer!

Don’t miss our thoughts on what Zillow’s next move is going to be, so catch up on yesterday and todays show and then tune back in tomorrow!

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