Show us your habits and we can usually predict whether you are (or will be) truly successful for the long haul!  Its easy to go right to focusing on the good habits, but ingrained good habits are usually the result of actively working to overcome the bad ones. Which truly horrible habits are you guilty of that are standing in the way of you having success? Not only do you need to constantly monitor your habits, but you’ll have to take action on them daily too! Today we talk about the final 4 habits that are killing your chances at success and how to actively squelch them for good!

Bad Habit #12 – Following ‘pretty shiny things,’ the next big ‘widget’, or the silver-bullet-syndrome versus embracing just doing the work! Is your VISA card maxed out on all the supposed solutions to your real estate issues?  You know, the magic potion thats going to make it all happen for you so that you don’t have to do the tough stuff? So, they get your money and all you get is frustrated thinking “Why isn’t this working?”

Bad Habit #13 – Having zero sense of urgency. We see this all the time.  How does this play out?  Usually in lead follow-up.  Its not that you don’t have any leads, but instead of calling them (yes, we said calling them) immediately you wait and play on Facebook a little longer and then complain that all your leads suck.  You must have urgency in real estate to succeed.  There just isn’t any other way.

Bad Habit #14 -Hating anything to do with external accountability; you’d rather be your own boss than be successful. How many times have you said you ‘wanted’ accountability, but then when it came, you rejected it?  Isn’t it strange how we see the connection between a paid bill or debt (and resulting service) or an unpaid bill and a disconnection of service? Yet, when we’re reminded to ‘pay our bill’ to our business, we freak out and leave it ‘unpaid?’

Bad Habit #15 -Not making profit your product and instead making it about other things. Are you willing to trade your ego and recognition for long term profit and a thriving business?  Listen to the rest of todays podcast to hear what no one else in the business in talking about and get your two homework assignments from us on how to move forward from here!

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