Ask an agent what their product is and you often hear “happy clients” or “sold houses” or “great customer service.” Those things are important and surely are part of what a top producing agent does.  But do you want to know a secret?  One that nobody ever talks about?  Your product is profit.

In today’s show, we’re continuing our discussion of why profit is the key driving force that either makes or breaks your real estate business – and we’re going to be discussing key tips, tricks, techniques, and of course mindset perspectives to help you maintain your focus on profit and not get sidetracked by popular diversions.

Does a focus on profitability mean that you should ignore customer service, or quit caring about happy clients? Of course not! In fact, ensuring that you have happy, satisfied clients is a key tool to boosting your future profit by generating referrals.

What a focus on profit does mean is that you can’t take your eyes off the prize and let yourself get diverted into a career focus that has nothing to do with money. When that happens, you quit making the day to day decisions that drive profitability, and sink back down into the middle (or sometimes even bottom) of the pack.

You have to remember that as a real estate agent, your profitability and income is completely dependent on you alone. Your broker will be happy if you make more money, but if you fail there are plenty of other agents lined up behind you for that office desk you’re currently sitting behind. So take personal responsibility for making profit your product as we continue our discussion of it in today’s show.

In this series we’ll be giving you the practical, tactical ways to ensure that you’re heading down the path of profit.  Show us a profitable agent and we’ll show you an agent that focuses on activities that have them blazing a trail to the bank!  We’ll tell you what your new ‘must do’s’ are if you want to go from pauper to profitable top producer!

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