What Does Zillow Know That You Don’t?

What does Zillow know that you don’t? In this video short, filmed on location at the 2019 Elite Success Summit in Hawaii, Tim & Julie Harris discuss the need for every agent to master basic prospecting skills.

When Zillow has leads, what do they do? They CALL you! So why aren’t YOU calling prospects the same way? Instead of spending thousands to buy leads from the big portals, you need to master the art of prospecting & learn how to work your database.

On average, 7% of the people in your database will enter into a real estate transaction this year. To maximize the number of deals in your pipeline, it means you need to get out there and meet people, build relationships, grow your database – and constantly keep yourself top of mind with them. Prospecting is how that’s done.

Forget about “tweeting”, “liking” & “following” online: deals are made by direct human interaction. Take the time to pick up the phone & prospect, and if you don’t know how, enroll in our coaching programs and get the scripts, techniques & tips to get started.

That’s what Zillow knows that you don’t: sales are made by picking up the phone. Why aren’t you doing it?

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