Are you required to lead a life filled with wild adventures in order to be interesting?  Must you be constantly seeking out new places to go, new things to try, new foods to eat that you can’t pronounce? Must you lead a run of the mill life without much novelty and be anything but boring?  The answers…no, no and no.

Being interesting and engaging are about unique perspectives about people and experiences that happen around you.  Being interesting and engaging are about attitudes concerning taking on challenges and risks.  Being interesting and engaging are people who work hard and do NOT play it safe.

Here are Five Boring, Yawn Inducing People You do NOT want to be:

  1.  People who are numb to social cues are boring.  People who don’t have a clue about social cues nor the ability to “read” a person or a crowd are boring.  These boring people don’t notice or adjust to other peoples’ reactions and they just go on and on, droning about their own story or themselves.
  2. People who are too worried about other peoples’ opinions are boring.  These people/crowd pleasers fear criticism.  These boring people prevent themselves from truly expressing themselves and from truly putting themselves on the line. These boring people pander to others by not allowing themselves to be their authentic selves.
  3. A person with a persistently negative attitude is boring.  Boring people constantly complain as if complaining were an acceptable default position. It isn’t.  These boring people are more interested in expressing their own feelings than in actually fixing or working to solve the problem.  Whining is easy; taking action requires effort.
  4. Boring people consider everyone else boring…except themselves.  This everyone is boring posture is actually a subtle form of narcissism.  Narcissistic people can’t take an interest in others because  taking an interest in someone else require BOTH speaking and listening. A boring, narcissistic person thinks that listening to another person is merely a waste of time and effort.
  5. Boring people make their own stability their first priority.  Boring people remain in their own bubble and merely stagnate there so they can avoid the fear of new people and/or things. This unwillingness to expose themselves to new situations leads to a mediocre existence…a boring, mediocre existence lived inside a self imposed prison.

Bottom line…decide if the world out there is boring or if you need to make a change in your attitude of what the world has to offer.  Break out of your boring comfort zone and go for greatness.  Even if you fail to achieve the greatness part, your effort to become great will be anything but boring.

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