Nick Vujicic Offfers Path to Overcoming Obstacles

When it comes to overcoming obstacles, nobody knows better than Nick Vujicic what it takes to clear the highest hurdle.

Vujicic is an Australian Christian evangelist and motivational speaker born with tetra-amelia syndrome, a rare disorder characterized by the absence of arms and legs. He started his speaking engagements at 19. In 2005, he founded Life Without Limbs, an international non-profit organization and ministry. In 2007, he founded Attitude is Altitude, a secular motivational speaking company. It was this disorder that taught him the most valuable lesson in life: “No matter what sickness we have, a greater purpose can be achieved.”

During a recent TEDx talk, Vujicic talked about overcoming hopelessness and transforming the walls into doors.

Vujicic talks openly about growing up as a special needs child, being subjected to bullying and even contemplating suicide when he was 10, to free himself from the pain and the torment.

“I wanted to get out. I wanted to be free of the bullying in my life and I knew that I would be a burden to my parents,” he said.

However, thinking about his loving and supportive parents saved him.

“I thought about them and what this would do to them,” he said. “My parents helped me to be thankful for what I have, to do my best and trust God with the rest.”

Vujicic said that today he likes to speak about changing obstacles into opportunities.

“We are all looking for something,” he said. “We are all looking for hope.”

Ultimately, whether we are focusing on our personal or professional lives, there are decisions to be made along the way, regardless of our circumstances.

“We have a choice,” Vujicic said. “We can be angry for what we don’t have or be angry for what we do have.”

Ultimately, Vujicic hopes he can inspire others by excelling despite his limitations.

“I am just like you,” he concludes. “I hope that you are inspired to dream big.”

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