Harris Rules

Leave it to Tim and Julie Harris. Their just released book, Harris Rules: Your No-BS Practical Step By Step Guide To Finally Become Rich and Free has already hit Amazon’s #1 Best Selling slot for Business Mentoring and Coaching.

Harris Rules is lightning in a jar for any and all rookie, veteran, and anywhere in between real estate agents. I personally believe that Harris Rules is lightning in a jar for any and all highly motivated business people involved with any industry/venture/field who want to “…Become Rich and Free.”

Harris Rules is, in fact, a step-by-step practical guide to defining, creating, and executing a game plan for a successful real estate business. More than that, however, Harris Rules provides agents a mind set, a structure, a language for visualizing their businesses that other real estate gurus do not.

Harris Rules lays the groundwork for how to conceptualize your business from top to bottom. It also provides a step-by-step action plan for creating longevity for the business, scaling the business and then, to its bottom line point, monetizing the business. After all, isn’t the real estate business, any business actually, about making a profit?

Components of the Harris Rules creative action plan include:

1. How to control your mindset to get more done even when you don’t feel like doing a thing
2. Why “balance” is a myth and how to stop aiming for it
3. How a “scarcity” mindset affects all that you do and how to break free from it
4. An ideal schedule of a top producing agent and how to focus on what matters – profit
5. Why you can’t rely on only one method of generating leads
6. How to find your “magic number” and why knowing that number is critical for the success of the business
7. How to use the proven Harris Rules 7 Step Listing Process to “win” listings virtually every time
8 How to really achieve financial freedom…that freedom won’t be from your real estate commissions.

Tim and Julie Harris are long standing real estate professionals with hundreds of deals and tens of thousands of coaching clients under their respective belts. Harris Rules is a result of their combined expertise as well as their combined courage to take a risk and become innovative leaders in their field.

Harris Rules is a well conceived, clearly written blueprint for real estate success. Read and follow Harris Rules over and over again…you may find that you will seamlessly and “Finally Become Rich and Free. Click here to buy it now on Amazon.

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