You’ve put out a lot of time, hard work and money to “get” people to your website, to your Face Book and/or Zillow ads, to your Instagram account, to your Twitter feed, to become your “friends.” Now that you “have” them, keep them.

Here are seven tips to help increase your conversion rates:

1. Make sure your site loads quickly. Kissmetrics tells us that 40% of your visitors will abandon your site if it takes longer than three…yes, I said 3…seconds to load. Even taking longer than a second, that’s one second, to load can reduce your conversion rate by 10%. Make sure you check out Goggle’s PageSpeedInsights for both mobile and desktop devices…lots of suggestions about what corrections you can make to increase the loading speed.

2. Optimize your site design. Make sure there are no unnecessary elements and make sure everything connects properly.
3. Display user- generated content such as reviews, ratings and/or comments. Figleaves, an economic retailer, tells us that visitors like to see user comments and content. User reviews increase conversions by 12% and when there are more than 20 reviews, conversion rates increase by 83.85%. You can ask users to rate your listings by design, adaptability to family needs, price, neighborhood, proximity to amenities, whatever.
4. Simplify the contact or check-in process. Give your visitors a “look” at your site, at your listings, at your research as a guest. Allow your visitors the option of registering their contact information by using their social media account. No compulsory sign-ups. According to the Baynard Institute, all websites have a 69.23% abandonment rate due to a complicated contact or check-in process.
5. Enhance your “trust” signals to quell visitor anxieties about being hacked on your site. Mention that your site is 100% secure. Move from http to https. Install a green bar with a padlock…53% believe the padlock is more trustworthy and, in fact, sites that have the green bar and padlock are 42% more secure than those without.
6. Continue optimizing for search engines to drive more traffic to you site. Keyword optimization is changing and expanding all the time…keep up with it.
7. Invest in advertising. Targeting people who share similar characteristics to your best customers improves the odds that more people will visit your site and that those visitors will convert. Invest in social media to showcase your products…the ROI with Face Book and Instagram has increased seven (7) times. Instagram now has story ads that are full page and can include links.

Above all…Make your site EASY
EASY to load
EASY to find what visitors want
EASY to contact you without hassles

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