Real Estate ProFinder: A potential referral tool for agents?

With the launch of its new website, Real Estate ProFinder is now an online destination for referrals and information on all kinds of real estate transactions.

The company’s goal is to make the real estate market less mysterious so that more people can turn a profit as prices continue to climb, or simply to purchase their dream home.

Real Estate ProFinder is a free service that can quickly connect potential clients to local, experienced real estate professionals working in the various skill areas of the real estate business — saving time, money and effort for all parties.

The company vets every professional that includes a third-party background check. Users can, therefore, rest assured that every real estate pro in the network is trusted and reliable.

According to Sean Brodie, senior support specialist manager for Real estate ProFinder, there are some companies that support different segments of the real estate industry.

“Our name speaks to what we do,” he explained. “Real Estate ProFinder is a real estate consultant company that gives a one-stop experience with free real estate referrals to the public of vetted real estate professionals.”

As agents, joining Real Estate ProFinder means you are vetted and Brodie said you can save money on on marketing that does not involve a subscription.

“It is free for them to join our directory,” he said.

Real Estate ProFinder inspires agents and other real estate professionals to offer their service to people who request a referral since they reduce the marketing dollars.

Real Estate ProFinder also can serve as a powerful pipeline of leads. The idea is to streamline the entire industry and encourage more people to invest their time and effort into real estate while the market continues to be robust.

Brodie adds that Real Estate ProFinder does not market using the star rating system because it is often flawed.

“Some companies put stars beside their subscribing agents and contractors to influence public opinion while charging the same fee to new talent entering the field that has no stars,” he said. “That system creates an unfair advantage for the new talent to survive.”

Brodie noted that stars influence a shut-out of new talent and secure those that have been out there for a while.

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