DocuSign – the global eSignature and Digital Transaction Management (DTM) leader – announced several initiatives that expand the adoption of technology in real estate and help to create a fully-digital transaction from “lead to close.”

DocuSign is introducing the Real Estate Starter plan. Available through the National Association of REALTORS®’  REALTOR Benefits® Program at an exclusive 20 percent discount via, Real Estate Starter is specifically designed for agents who are new to the industry (or are new to using electronic signatures).

DocuSign also provides access to real estate-specific programs, trainings and content to help maximize the return on investment from the solution.

“Almost three million real estate transactions are signed and closed using DocuSign every year,” said Georg Gerstenfeld, general manager and vice president of Global Real Estate Solutions, DocuSign. “And while most of the industry’s top-producing agents already use DocuSign, there are some who do fewer transactions but still need additional support and lower-cost ways to take their business digital.  The Real Estate Starter plan and unique discount for NAR members will help make that easier than ever before.”

The news is timely as it complements the goals and objectives of the National Association of REALTORS®, a DocuSign partner, given its recently-appointed CEO Bob Goldberg is also working to rapidly accelerate digital transformation in the real estate industry.

“DocuSign has been a leader in helping the real estate industry go digital, enabling REALTORS® to spend more time working with clients and providing their expertise, rather than chasing paperwork,” said Goldberg. “As we look to the future, expanding access to technology and ensuring different solutions work well together is key to our next chapter. DocuSign shares our vision, and I’m proud of the important benefits this partnership brings to our members.”

DocuSign also announced the availability of more integrations as part of its Real Estate Partner Program. DocuSign’s core functionality is now integrated directly into Amitree, API Nation, Boston Logic, BrokerSumo, iConnect by GryphTech, LoneWolf Technologies, MoxiWorks, Open Listings, Profit Power, Preclose, ShortTrack, Spacio, SnapNHD, RealSatisfied, and zipLogix – with new partners getting added to the platform monthly.

DocuSign’s investment in and commitment to building a state of the art application programming interface (API) also enables real estate brokers – through DocuSign for Brokers plan – to connect their myriad technology vendors through the DocuSign Transaction Room. This helps to create a seamless, paperless and fully digital, “lead to close” experience for brokers and agents. That means agents can spend more time with their buyers and sellers, and less time on manual data entry and toggling back and forth between applications – all with fewer compliance errors that might slow down a deal.

With 3 million real estate transactions performed annually through the DocuSign platform and more than 200 million users taking advantage of the product globally—signing in 188 different countries around the world—it’s clear to see that the digital transformation is alive and well.

In fact, a recent study conducted by DocuSign shows just how beneficial the transformation has been across a variety of key metrics when looking at companies that have undergone a digital transformation. In addition to slashing the average amount of time it takes to complete a transaction (from eight days to less than half a day), the cost per transaction is also shown to drop dramatically.

And as the real estate industry continues to transform, DocuSign is focused on maintaining a position of relevancy both within the company and among the real estate professionals it serves.

“We all hate change, but we hate being irrelevant even more,” said Gerstenfeld, “so it’s important for us to think about how we adopt what we do to stay relevant.”

To that end, DocuSign’s Transaction Rooms—a digital transaction management platform—allows brokers and agents to retain ownership, control and compliance of their data while streamlining the transaction process for their clients.

“What we want to do is bring everyone together in a collaborative environment where they can pass documents and data back and forth in a fashion that’s faster and easier for everyone,” said Gerstenfeld.

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