A new year? A new brokerage firm?

If these two header questions resonate with you, you’ve obviously been thinking of changing brokerage firms for a while now. Let’s look at ways you can best determine whether or not changing or switching brokerage firms makes the most sense for you.

First, let’s look at obvious no’s.

– If you think the grass is greener elsewhere, it’s not.
– If you think your colleagues at your current firm are the reasons you’re not as successful as you think you could be, they’re not.
– If you think there will be less pressure to produce at another firm, there won’t be.

Now let’s look at eight things for you to consider HONESTLY before you change brokerage firms.

1. Make sure you understand CLEARLY what needs you have that are not being met where you currently work.
2. Make sure you CLEARLY discuss your unmet needs with you current broker so your current broker knows what those needs are and whether or not she/he can and will make changes that would meet your needs.
3. Make sure that you THOROUGHLY vet your new firm. This means, does the new brokerage align with your personal brand? Does the new brokerage firm align with your best definition of your self? Does the new brokerage firm align with you aspirational goals? Does the new brokerage firm have a staff that “feels” and perhaps is representational of your best self. After all, you are likely to become like the people with whom you align.
4. Is there a guarantee that the new firm will act upon and meet your CLEARLY stated needs? What happens if they don’t?
5. Does the new firm have a solid track record in both bull and bear real estate markets? Does the new firm have the capital to be sustainable during hard times? Is the new firm REALLY interested in you or your market share?
6. Is your decision to switch brokerage firms based upon false assurances or CLEARLY defined data and intentions?
7. Is your proclivity to change/switch brokerage firms based upon CLEAR short-term or long-term goals?
8. Is your proclivity to change/switch brokerage firms based upon CLEAR and/or STRATEGIC forward movement?

Making change makes sense when there are valid, reality-based, authentic reasons to make change. Making change makes sense when you take full responsibility for the changes you make. And making change without burning bridges makes sense when, not if, working with people in your current firm is part and parcel to the success of your future real estate transactions with your new firm.

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