Today we’re continuing our in-depth discussing how to generate MASSIVE real estate leads – without having to rely on Zillow, Trulia, or any other big lead-generation portal! We started on this topic to “clear the air” on some audience feedback about Zillow Bashing, below:

Oh my goodness! Nothing like a personal podcast!

I TOTALLY agree with your assessment. Here’s the reason I even went to buy Zillow leads…I signed up for TF and my coach said get Zillow (and he recommended that I also get Set Schedule which cost me $1800 and I got $0 out of it AND it wasted my time) but TF organization thinks that’s okay!!!!

I complained to my coach on TF about the amount of time that these Zillow leads were taking away from my call time on Mojo to get listings and he thought I was making excuses! I was super dedicated before that but when those Zillow leads come in you have seconds to call them and make a connection with them so I’d have to stop my outbound calls to catch the Zillow leads. Yes, the amount of time spent trying to convert leads was astronomical. I totally agree. 197 total leads and out of that 6 closed sales and yes, there were ones that I spent time with who never purchased.

BTW – I was mojo dialing this morning so didn’t listen to your podcast live, but I listened to it on replay later and guess who called me to see if they could get me back about midway through your podcast? Yep, Lucas from Zillow! Pretty funny.

I agree with you. Time is worth money too.

Thanks Tim!

— Anonymous

If you haven’t listened to Part 1 of this topic, click here to listen now, and make sure to tune in to today’s podcast as we continue our in-depth discussion this topic & drill down on the best ways to generate leads without having to deal with the “hit or miss” results outlined in this letter!

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