Key Highlights

  • Audio-centric, invitation-only social network part podcast and part chat room
  • Tips to help make Clubhouse work for you

Clubhouse Happening Now

Clubhouse is hogging headlines the way Reddit used to do.  I write, “used to do,” because, according to Bloomberg, Reddit is past tense and Clubhouse is what’s happening now.

Since its debut last March, this audio-centric, invitation only, in-real-time social network has been downloaded some 5M times, according to analytics firm Appropia.  Investors value the company at approximately $1B.  And, perhaps the biggest thing of all to know about Clubhouse, Facebook is said to be “exploring audio-related chat products” that could compete with it.

Here are some tips about using Clubhouse for you and your bottom line.

Join Rooms

Clubhouse-talk happens in rooms.  Once you’ve scored an invite to Clubhouse, join some rooms so you can talk, collaborate, share stories and brainstorm about what you and your business are all about.

Hook up with topic-based rooms that are similar to, for example, your podcast for first-time buyers, your white paper on little-known financial opportunities that may help others take advantage of low down payment options, or your beginners guide to real estate investing.

Chances are that you as a speaker who actually adds value to a specific ongoing conversation in real estate may just encourage new people to follow, listen and even pursue you as someone who could help them with their real estate goals.

Sell Yourself and Your Business with Your Bio

When first setting up your account with Clubhouse, make sure to spend time creating a great bio.  Create a bio that speaks in specific terms and details about who and your business are and what you and your business offer.

Leverage Your Bio By Driving Traffic to Your Other Social Media Accounts

The bio you create and use for Clubhousei s great to link directly with yourTwitter and Instagram accounts.  Of course, all your other social media accounts, website, etc. have all your specialties, podcasts, Wavve Link, white paper references, listings, you-name-it so your new followers, listeners and soon-to-be clients can easily/quickly learn more about you and your business.

Host Rooms

After you’ve joined, listened and participated with topic-centered rooms, you may want to host your own room. You might even want to invite other people join you in your room as panelists to add complementary expertise and/or insights.  Encourage your participants and followers to ask questions in your room. Interactive chats are great ways to connect with people and potential clients personally.

Network with Your Niche

Remember the social aspect of social media.  Make/take the time to network and connect with participants in your own room as well as others’ rooms.  Who knows? The more people you connect/network with could lead to more clients.

Apply for Your Own Club and CenterYour Club Around Your Specific Expertise and Content

Having your own club may be a great way to promote your business.  Right now, Clubhouse doesn’t allow people to record what’s said in rooms but that may well change in the near future. If it does, you’d be able to capture topic-centered chats and live questions/answers live questions in real-time.

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