Leave it to Tim and Julie…the HARRIS Certified Coach Affiliate® Program is the first and only certified, proprietary industry coach affiliate program in the real estate industry.

The HARRIS Certified Coach Affiliate® program is also the only real estate coach affiliate program that offers a recurring 70% commission fee to its affiliates.

Yes, there is a limit of 50 people for this first training program.

Yes, applications for this program will close in approximately 3 weeks.

Yes, the online training for the program costs $12,000 for one year.

Yes, the affiliate program is renewable.

Yes, the cost of the training program will increase.

No, there are no additional, hidden costs.

Yes, the online training for the program lasts 6 months.

Yes, you must pass an online test to become a HARRIS Certified Coach affiliate®.

Yes, you can take the online test before 6 months if they feel confident about the Harris content and their presentation skills.

Yes, you can start as soon as you pass the test and become an affiliate.

Become the first in your firm, the first in your territory to become a HARRIS Certified Coach Affiliate®.

Learn more. https://timandjulieharris.com/real-estate-coaching-programs/harris-certified-coach.html




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