Most agents hate prospecting – but that’s because they’re doing it the wrong way! In today’s show, we’re going to be discussing 20 secret prospecting rules to ensure that you get results with your lead generation calls – and keep your momentum going all day long! Nothing is worse than losing steam, and we’ll show you exactly where that happens and how to avoid it as you push yourself into top-producer status with your prospecting.

Here’s what to do:

1. Use modern scripts, written for today’s sellers and buyers, for today’s market conditions. (Know your market conditions!) . Don’t use the free stuff you can download and ‘try out’. Use what’s proven.

2. DO leave a short, to the point message if you hit voicemail. Your message must be something of value + a call to action, NOT just ‘touching base’…

3. Begin every day with follow up calls for 20 minutes on your most-likely-to-set-appointment Lead Follow Up. This will get you in the right mindset for being on the phone and being effective.

4. Best time to call? Saturday Mornings, Weekday evenings, First and Last days of the month, minor holidays, holiday weeks off. Also ANY time you are focused. Don’t be obsessed with ‘the best time’.

5. USE SCRIPTS (conversation guides) and commit to never ‘Winging-It’. Internalize and Personalize as you go. Earn while you learn.

6. Have Appointment Obsession versus Contact-itis. The amount of contacts you make matters less than the amount of appointments you make. The number of contacts must equal your Magic Number of listings needed at all times.

7. Who to prospect? Expireds, old expireds, even older expireds. For Sale By Owners, For Rent By Owners, NODs, BPOs you’ve done, Older ‘Assignments’, etc. Builders, Flippers, Developers, COI, PC, JL/JS, Investors, Open House Leads, Networking Contacts, Professional COIs, Probate. Mix it up if you must!

8. Don’t sell with Blah-Blah, sell with powerful, scripted questions that lead to setting an APPOINTMENT. The goal is NOT to razzle-dazzle the prospect or overcome objections. The goal is to pre-qualify the prospect and set an appointment.

9. Call the most motivated ‘spokes’ FIRST during your prospecting sessions. You can quit after you set a well qualified appointment!

10. How do I get phone numbers? FSBOs and FRBOs are easy – they advertise. The rest, use TheRedX, LeadSenders, MojoSells, Landvoice, Vulcan7.

11. Doorknock the ones without phone numbers. There’s no ‘do not knock’ list!

12. Have a dedicated prospecting area that includes: A standing desk, a headset, wireless phone, scripts on your wall, goals from your Treasure Map, pictures of things that motivate you and a mirror.

13. Have a prospecting ‘ritual’. Prospect every day at the same time as if it’s a critical appointment (it is!).

14. Practice a Media Free Morning to keep your mind clear.

15. Have accountability partners who are doing more production than you are.

16. Track your results. Your goal should be a 10 to 1 ratio of calls made to appointments set.

17. Do not delegate your prospecting to a virtual assistant, a personal assistant or your buyers agents. Your #1 job as a professional sales person is to SET APPOINTMENTS.

18. Never end the day with leads you haven’t followed up on. Agents who prospect daily always have an abundance of leads. Sift and sort and set appointments.

19. Stop Over-Pre-Qualifying, making stories up about a house or a prospect or a situation. Just pick up the phone and ASK QUESTIONS to find out the ‘real truth’ vs. what you’ve made up in your head.

20. Embrace the fact that this is the fuel for the engine you’re building and keep the tank full at all times. Nothing else matters in your business if your lead generation / prospecting is weak.

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