Jay Thompson, a former broker owner and Zillow employee for six years, can’t turn off his real estate brain no matter how much he tries. In his latest article for Inmannews, Thompson offered his best advice to agents and brokers on creating strategic, consistent and value-added content to both attract and maintain a clearly defined target audience with the goal of generating “profitable customer action.”

Thompson’s targeted audience/audiences include homebuyers, sellers, past clients, current homeowners and potential clients. His marketing formats include video creations, audio creations, graphics, written blog posts, Instagram and Facebook stories, Facebook ports, newsletters, etc. According to Thompson, any and all of these formats must be consistently written, updated and regularly distributed.

Thompson’s content ideas for all these various platforms and formats include…

Market Data and Information, such as

  • Recent sales within your market zip codes and neighborhoods.
  • Recently posted listings.
  • Current information on mortgage interest rates as well as current trends on interest rates.
  • Current pricing trends.
  • Buyer and/or seller market analyses.

Neighborhood Activity and News

  • New business openings and “old” businesses closing.
  • Local school/sports activities and schedules.
  • Seasonal and holiday activities and calendars.
  • Community activity calendars
  • Interviews with local business owners and community leaders

Local Government and Schools

  • Interviews with candidates, elected officials and community leaders.
  • Information concerning pending tax assessments, regulations and easements.
  • Calendars/agendas for commission, council and school board meetings.

Home Improvement Tips

  • Winterizing/summarizing projects plus business resources for those tasks.
  • Spring planting suggestions for you specific climate and soil.
  • Pool maintenance tips.
  • Information about energy audits.
  • Interviews with roofing contractors, landscaping contractors, painting contractors, and solar energy experts/contractors, etc.

Smart Home Devices

  • Doorbell security and video surveillance systems.
  • Lighting controls.
  • Smart thermostats.
  • LEED certification

Updating and/or Renovating?

  • Discuss ROI on specific home improvement projects so clients focus “worth” while projects.
  • Indoor and outdoor kitchens.
  • Smart appliances – what does what?
  • Outdoor kitchens.

Community Involvement

  • Hospitals and mental health services.
  • Crisis/homeless centers.
  • Neighborhood watch programs
  • Libraries

Home Owners’ Associations

  • Calendars, meeting agendas/minutes, dues.
  • Meeting notes and summaries.
  • Profiles of Board members and candidates.

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