Missy Yost, a top-producing agent with Century 21 Diamond Realty, recently targeted her “ten best don’t know what I’d do without” apps for an article for InmanNews. Yost wrote that all of these ten apps are geared for real estate agents and teams and that all of them are either free or have free trial periods so you can “test drive” them without financial risk or loss.

  1. Realvolve (CRM)
    1. Yost calls this app her “home base” for all contacts, workflow, templates and daily tasks.
    2. Contacts can be “tagged” for easy particularization.
    3. App integrates from the dashboard with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, SMS and BombBomb and syncs with Google.
    4. Workflows can be automated, semi-automated or manual based on your preferences and can be set for listings, transactions and contacts.
  2. Zapier
    1. Yost considers this app to be her bridge that links together all her favorite apps.
    2. App reduces the redundancy of data entry and automates workflows without you.
    3. For example…you get a lead from Zillow – it “deposits” the lead into your CRM – it creates workflow for that lead – it sends emails – it sets tags in a template – it exports the information to other apps that may “need” the knowledge about that contact/lead.
  3. Slack (app for team communication)
    1. App is free for small teams and paid for larger teams.
    2. This is an instant messaging app to facilitate communication via desktop, tablet, phone
    3. “Sharing” can be public or private.
  4. Buffer
    1. A scheduling app for posts so you can write them all in one sitting and schedule the posts for a week or longer in one session.
    2. Yost uses Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
    3. Free version allows you to post on three platforms while the first tier of the paid version allows you to post on eight platforms.
    4. Yost recommends 1 X day on Facebook, 3 X day on Twitter and 1 or 2 X day on Instagram.
  5. Zendesk web Widget
    1. This chat widget communicates directly with Facebook Messenger and is embedded into your website so you can grab any leads that visit your website while you’re showing houses, doing listing presentations, negotiating contracts, etc.
    2. You do NOT have to be a subscriber to this app to have all you web inquiries go to Messenger so you can talk with these visitors in seconds when you have seconds.
  6. BombBomb
    1. This app is a video email platform so you can post your videos to social media and to your contact lists.
    2. App works with Gmail, Outlook and integrates with some 60 other resources.
  7. Dotloop
    1. App enables you to edit, share, e-sign documents related to transactions.
    2. This app goes beyond Authetisign or Zipform that comes with MLS memberships.
  8. Trello
    1. This is an individual and team project and task management app.
    2. App has “whiteboards” that represent projects and cards that represent the tasks needed to be accomplished in order to get the projects completed.
    3. The cards contain assignments, lists, notes, etc. so everyone can view what needs to be done and what has already been accomplished.
  9. Canca
    1. This is an app for branding, advertising and social media marketing.
    2. App contains templates for print, documents like buyers’ guides, social media posts, ads and events.
    3. You click the template, choose a design, create a post using your brand and ad specifics.
  10. Self Employed by Quickbooks
    1. Easy entry with receipt capture and automatic transaction downloads from your bank account and credit cards.
    2. App can pay your quarterly taxes and upload all information into your tax return from within the app.


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