’s vice president of industry relations, Dave Phillips, recently gave a presentation at the Midwest Real Estate Data Conference in Chicago about apps he had researched to simplify communications, improve online visibility and deepen customer experience in the real estate industry. Here are some of Phillips’s suggestions:

Cluster – Targeted Photo Sharing

  • Cluster lets you set up private groups to share specific images of your listings. Facebook does not allow you to do this.
  • By using Cluster, your clients can then respond back to you with their comments, preferences, likes and needs.
  • The result? More specific feedback to your photos, faster and more specific information about client chooses, more in depth relationship building around client preferences, more refined search and selection criteria for agents in presenting options to their clients.

Street Peak and Sign Snap – Listing Information On The Go 

  • Street Peak is an AR app developed by that allows agents to simply point their smartphone at a house to then access all listing information.
  • Sign Snap, also developed by, allows agents to simply take a photo of a For Sale sign on a property and instantly pull up all the details about that home on

Matterport – Get Offers Faster

  • Now partnering with, Matterport provides the tech and equipment for agents to take 3D photos and video images of properties.
  • Agents post their Matterport images for their clients so clients can see the exteriors and interiors of the property immediately.
  • According to Phillips, “After seeing a 3D tour (of the property), clients coming to see the house is really the second time they’re seeing the house. They know by then that they’re ready to make an offer.”

List Hub – Go Global with Your Listings Without Needing a Passport

  • Using List Hub to syndicate your listings to international websites invites international clients to peruse, consider and buy your listings.
  • With one click, you can “show” your listings to Chinese buyers via in China and to Australian buyers via in Australia.
  • Your listings can travel the world while you can stay home.

Parse – A Sideline App for Personal and Business Calls

  • Sick of carrying around multiple phones for multiple phone numbers/purposes and/or having calls dropped from multiple phones and/or phone numbers?
  • Try Parse.  It connects one phone to multiple phone numbers.
  • Parse assigns different ring tones for each phone number so you’ll know which call/ring tone is coming from which phone number.

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