When your clients ask your advice and suggestions about which home renovations can both improve home value and give them a decent return on their investment, suggest the un-regrettable renovations below.

  1. Do a kitchen update. According to Remodeling Magazine, a $15,000 update (new appliances, countertops, paint job) can return up to 92% of your investment.   Your clients will not only enjoy using their remodeled kitchen themselves, kitchens are often the dealmaker or breaker when it comes to selling.
  2. Add a mudroom. Carve out a space near the back door or add a bump out to accommodate this utilitarian space to make for cleaner and neater comings and goings.
  3. Schedule an energy audit. Assessors find where hot and cool air escapes from the house as well as other inefficiencies in energy use. Energy audits are often free and fix-its may be eligible for rebates.
  4. Replace old windows in older houses that are often drafty and sticky. Window replacement pays off in energy savings and boosts home value.
  5. Add an outdoor living space. Screened porches, decks and/or patios add functionality to the house as well as resale appeal. Plus your clients will enjoy using outdoor spaces while living in their homes.
  6. Vet and hire an inspector. It’s definitely worth getting an impartial second opinion when buying/selling a home.
  7. Finish the basement. Usable basements maximize usable square footage…a very good thing in an escalating housing market. Go for flexibility in the space so it can be used as a playroom, game room, home gym or multipurpose space. If plumbing is already installed, add a bathroom.
  8. Hire a pro to revamp old electrical systems. Old wiring is a safety risk and drags down home value.
  9. Invest in landscaping. Landscaping enhances home values and curb appeal. Shade trees help cut energy costs.
  10. Install new garage doors. In Remodeling Magazine’s 2019 Cost vs. Value Report, new garage doors can recoup 98% of the cost. New garage doors also enhance curb appeal.
  11. Replace the siding and fix the façade of the house. First impressions matter plus the ROI is high.
  12. Upgrade the floors. You might like carpet but the National Association of REALTORS report that hardwood floors help seal sales.

And while your clients at these un-regrettable renovations, suggest that they also…

  1. Clean the dryer vents.
  2. Clean, sand, sweep/vacuum and seal the home’s outer surfaces.
  3. Store or cover the outdoor furniture for protection.
  4. Store the hose.
  5. Do a thorough fall cleaning including the ceiling fans, blinds, draperies, and wash the windows and screens in and out.
  6. Feed and seed the lawn.
  7. Inspect, clear and repair the gutters and downspouts.
  8. Inspect the flashing around the chimney and any openings in the roof and skylights to protect against leaks.


Thanks to realtor.com’s Holly Amaya for source data.

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