New Year’s resolutions are not just for you and me but also for your home owning clients. Here are nine resolutions for your home owning clients, particularly your clients who are considering selling their homes.

  1. Make sure your home maintenance is, in fact, maintained.
    1. If your clients are remiss in their home maintenance tasks, suggest that they start small and go slowly.
    2. Just like exercise and endurance training, progress one step at a time, consistently, one day at a time.

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  2. Build your own, your family’s and your children’s home maintenance skill sets.
    1. Home improvement stores offer classes that can help you tackle home maintenance tasks effectively.
    2. Community education classes and online tutorials are available both online and in real time.
    3. Knowing how to use a paintbrush and a drill can save you money.
  3. Stay on top of repairs.
    1. Use inspection reports to plan your maintenance jobs and fixes.
    2. Being proactive with specific maintenance issues translates into less costly problems and personal stress levels.
  4. Be respectful of and with water.
    1. Craft water-wise lifestyles.
    2. Include water-savvy tools for outdoor landscaping.
    3. Fix all drips and leaks because both can spawn mold in walls, breach ceilings and undermine foundations.
  5. If already green, become greener.
    1. Go solar.
    2. Strengthen insulation.
    3. Caulk cracks in siding, walls, and foundations.
    4. Create a recycling center in and/or outside your home.
    5. Add weather stripping.
    6. Switch out incandescent lighting to LED lighting.
    7. Install solar lights along front walks.
    8. By the way, everyone in the family can help the family become greener.
  6. Enhance curb appeal.
    1. Change outdated front door hardware.
    2. Paint/change the color of the front door.
    3. Create sitting areas on the front porch.
    4. Trim shrubs to frame the entryway.
    5. When/if using trend updates, tread lightly by using accessories (pillows, throws, accent walls, etc.) rather than permanent installations.
  7. Stay on top of property taxes and insurance bills.
    1. Protect the home from casualty losses by insuring the property.
    2. Remind your clients of tax deadlines to help homeowners sidestep penalties on unpaid tax bills.
  8. Enhance home appreciation by staying on top of repairs and updates.
  9. Be the best neighbor.
    1. Participate in neighborhood watch activities.
    2. Exchange contact information with surrounding neighbors and be ready to help neighbors with contractor sharing, tool lending and labor.
    3. Keep your own home well maintained, keep your home in good repairs, and keep your landscaping tidy.
  10. Be cognizant that buyers buy into neighborhoods when they buy homes.

Thanks to InmanNews’ Nicole Solari for source material.

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